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Are You Adapting to Change?


With the growing popularity of online commerce, online marketing and social media opportunities, the golf industry has begun a transformation with regards to how golf consumers interface with the industry of golf.  From tee times to golf equipment, most traditional services once found at the local golf shop can now be reviewed and purchased online.  While consumers are educating themselves on the versatility of online services, a good deal of golf course operators, golf instructors and golf industry professionals lack the resources when it comes to education on the latest technology services.  At the golf course for example, ball tracking devices/launch monitors, digital teaching tools, stat tracking devices and indoor golf simulators have become the new norm.  In terms of marketing your facility and/or brand, channels such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Yelp, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media outlets have become a necessity.  These resources have already demonstrated the power of online marketing and most golf consumers are probably more familiar with these services than most golf industry professionals.  At SFGolfAdvisor.com, we provide a bridge to those professionals looking to stay current on the latest industry trends.   With more technology solutions becoming available, partnering with the right solution is the biggest dilemma.  With so many choices these days, golf industry professionals find themselves trying to make highly complex decisions without any real background or education on the nature of these services.  Making the right choice and finding the right technology partner these days can make the difference!