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Choosing A Solution...

Choosing the best technology solution for a golf facility can be like choosing a good hat to protect you from the sun.  There are traditional choices, fashionable choices, and riskier choices.  Whatever is chosen, course managers must determine what long term impact this choice will have.  It might be "fashionable" to go with a technology provider that everyone uses, but what if that choice isn't providing much security in the long term?  Navigating which website, booking engine, email marketing, and database collection solutions to adopt can have far greater impact than one realizes.  If a facility trusts a 3rd Party Vendor to manage any of these solutions, potential risks are waiting down the road when customers are slowly diverted elsewhere as a corollary to the service these vendors provide.  Just remember:  The bigger the provider - the bigger the risk for potential problems down the road.  SFGolfAdvisor.com can help manage a portfolio of solutions that helps to cut down risk while adding profitability.  We can also help managers come up with individual programs that cut costs and replace the need to outsource many services that most course managers feel are too big to manage.  Let SFGolfAdvisor.com shield you from harmful exposure and keep you from getting burned!