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Using Discounts & Third Party Vendors

"Is discounting bad?"  Yes and No.  With the world economy currently putting a deep freeze on discretionary spending, the golf industry is not immune from feeling the chill.  Most golf courses around the U.S. are barely meeting budgets compared to previous years; forcing many course managers to make tough choices.  In most cases, golf courses struggle with the philosophy of sacrificing rate integrity to sustain repeat business.  Discounting is such a societal & cultural phenomenon these days that the golf industry is becoming overwhelmed by it.  With the rise of 3rd Party Vendors and online distribution portals such as Teeoff.com and GolfNow.com, many golf course operators, managers, and owners are making the decision to post deep discounts in order to attract a growing segment of online consumers.  SFGolfAdvisor.com can show you how to return your facility to Rack Card rates without sacrificing customer growth or profitability. Take back control of your customers!  Let us show you how.