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Choosing an Electronic Tee Sheet

The most basic and necessary technology solution a golf facility can implement is to employ an electronic tee sheet service.  By employing this technology solution, the tools within this service will automate the process of tee time management.  This will make it easier to book, track, and manage golf consumers.  There are various reporting functions that will help provide most statistical data you need; depending on the sophistication of the tee sheet software.  Using an elctronic tee sheet service will also allow golf course tee time inventory to "interface" with an online booking engine.  Booking engines can be deployed on a wide variety of websites other than the golf course website.  Most tee sheet vendors provide a booking engine component with the service to be deployed on the host website.  So, whether a golf consumer is booking from a local course website or a separate distribution portal, the electronic tee sheet service provides upgraded flexibility that easily reflects and confirms tee time inventory.

With experience in tee sheet solutions, SFGolfAdvisor can point you in the right direction.  A few of the most widely used electronic tee sheet solutions available today are:  EZLinks, FORE!, IBS, Club Prophet, ACTIVE, Clubessential, ForeUp, TeeSnap, Chelsea, TeeLeader and ForeTees. There are many pros and cons to each including cost and functionality.  For more information on which tee sheet solution may be right for your facility, please contact us at:  bradley@sfgolfadvisor.com